We had a great workshop. You will soon receive the proceedings.

It is time now to see MAXENT2007


We had a great workshop. Thanks to all the participants.

We are preparing the proceedings. Here you find the FINAL PEER-REVIEWED PAPERS which will appear in the proceedings.

So, please check the following:
Authors, Titles and your final camera ready
and inform me for any error or changes.
Please send also your copyright form if you have not yet did.
Here, you can still have the Booklet of the workshop in pdf format.

You can still find here all the received abstracts and received papers under review as well as the program and available slide presentations.

However, the work is not yet finished. We are peer-reviewing the received and presented papers.
The final camera ready papers are due before september 15, 2006.
All papers not arrived before that deadline as well as all papers not conform to the required style will not appear in the proceedings.

Conference Chair:

Ali Mohammad-Djafari,
Laboratoire des signaux et syst�es (L2S) , CNRS - Sup�ec - UPS, France

Local Organizing Committee:

G. Demoment, J.F. Giovannelli, Th. Rodet, N. Bali, O. F�on, M. Ichir and A. Mohammadpour

Conference Secretariat:

MaxEnt 2006
L2S, SUPELEC, Plateau de Moulon, 3 rue Joliot-Curie
91192 Gif sur Yvette, France
Tel:       +33 [0]1 69 85 17 12
Fax:      +33 [0]1 69 85 17 65
E-mail:   djafari@lss.supelec.fr (please email with subject containing "maxent2006")

Advisory Committee (to be completed):

G. L. Bretthorst Washington Univ., USA
A. Caticha SUNY Albany, USA
V. Dose IPP, Germany
G. Erickson Boise State Univ., USA
R. Fischer IPP, Germany
K. Hanson LANL, USA
K. H. Knuth SUNY Albany, USA
T. Loredo Cornell Univ., USA
C. Rodriquez SUNY Albany, USA
J. Skilling Cambridge, UK
C. Ray Smith Univ. of Mississippi, USA
Udo von Toussaint IPP, Germany
W. von der Linden Tech. Univ. Graz, Austria


The Tweny sixth International Workshop on Bayesian Inference and Maximum Entropy Methods in Science and Engineering will be held in France under the auspices of Centre national de la recherche scientifique (CNRS), Universit�de Paris-sud, Orsay and �ole sup�ieure d'�ectricit�(Sup�ec).
MaxEnt 2006 strives to present Bayesian inference and Maximum Entropy methods in data analysis, information processing and inverse problems from a broad range of diverse disciplines: Astronomy and Astrophysics, Geophysics, Medical imaging, Non Destructive Evaluation, Particle Physics, Physical and Chemical measurement techniques, Economics and Econometrics. Special interest will be given to Bayesian inference applications in Inverse problems, Time series and image analysis, Source Separation and Data and information fusion with application areas such as X-ray, Diffractive, Diffusive Imaging and Quantum Tomographic.
The workshop includes a one day tutorial session, state of the art lectures, invited papers, contributed papers, and poster presentations. The official languages will be French and English. Selected papers by the program committee will be edited and published in a book. All the papers will be in English. Contributed papers relating the above topics are being solicited. Especially encouraged are papers whose content is novel, either as to approach or area of application. Abstracts (one page of about 400 words) of the proposed papers should be received by the conference secretariat on  Mars 01, 2006.


Abstract deadline:       Mars 31, 2006
Registration deadline: Mai 15, 2006
Full Papers due:          July 1, 2005

Sponsors:(to be confirmed)

Edwin T. Jaynes International Center for Bayesian Methods and Maximum Entropy
Centre national de la recherche scientique (CNRS), France
Universit�de Paris-sud, Orsay, France
Ecole sup�ieure d'�ectricit�(Sup�ec), Gif sur Yvette, France
Laboratoire des signaux et syst�es (L2S), France
Minist�e de la d�ense, Direction de la recherche et d�eloppement (DRED), France
International Society for Bayesian Analysis

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