List of Publications of Ali Mohammad-Djafari

X ray Tomography

  1. Ali Mohammad-Djafari and Lionel Robillard, Hierarchical Markovian Models for 3D Computed Tomography in Non Destructive Testing Applications, EUSIPCO 2006, September 4-8, Florence, Italy.
  2. Ch. Soussen and A. Mohammad-Djafari, Polygonal and Polyhedral Contour Reconstruction in Computed Tomography, IEEE Trans. on Image Processing, Vol. 13, no. 11, pp: 1507-1523, Nov. 2004.
  3. (IEEE preprint version)
  4. Charles Soussen and Ali Mohammad-Djafari, Closed surface reconstruction in X-ray tomography, IEEE Conference on Image Processing (Octobre 2001).
  5. H. Snoussi and A. Mohammad-Djafari, Rao Blackwell approximation for fast MCMC implementation of Bayesian blind source separation problems, slides Presented at Int. Symposium on Recent Advances in Mathematics and its Applications (ISRAMA 2003), 20-22 December. 2003, Calcutta Mathematical Society, Salt Lake city, Kolkata, India.
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