List of Publications of Ali Mohammad-Djafari

Recently accepted or Presented

  1. Adel Mohammadpour and Ali Mohammad-Djafari, On Neyman-Pearson Lemma for Crisp, Random and Fuzzy Hypotheses, Third international workshop on SMPS
  2. Adel Mohammadpour and Ali Mohammad-Djafari, Inference with the Median of a Prior, Entropy 2006, 8[2], 67-87
  3. Mahieddine M. ICHIR and Ali MOHAMMAD-DJAFARI, Hidden Markov Models for Blind Source Separation, IEEE Transactions on Image Processing,
  4. Mahieddine M. ICHIR and Ali MOHAMMAD-DJAFARI, A Mean Field Approximation Approach to Blind Source Separation with Lp Priors, Eusipco 2005, Antalya, Turkey, September 2005.
  5. Mahieddine M. ICHIR and Ali MOHAMMAD-DJAFARI. Hidden Markov Models for Wavelet Image Separation and Denoising, ICASSP, Philapdelphia (USA), March 2005, pp. 205-208.
  6. Ali Mohammad-Djafari and Lionel Robillard, Hierarchical Markovian Models for 3D Computed Tomography in Non Destructive Testing Applications, EUSIPCO 2006, September 4-8, Florence, Italy.
  7. A. Mohammad-Djafari, N. Bali and A. Mohammadpour, Joint dimensionality reduction, classification and segmentation of hyperspectral images (pdf) , ICIP06, October 8-11, Atlanta, GA, USA.
  8. A. Mohammad-Djafari, A. Mohammadpour and N. Bali, Hierarchical Markovian models for hyperspectral image segmentation (pdf) , ICPR06, Aug. 20-24, Hong Gong.
  9. A. Mohammad-Djafari, Bayesian Source Separation: Beyond PCA and ICA (pdf) , (ps.gz) , Invited paper ESANN06.
  10. N. Bali, A. Mohammad-Djafari and A. Mohammadpour, Hierarchical Markovian Models for Joint Classification, Segmentation and Data Reduction of Hyperspectral Images (pdf) , (ps.gz) , ESANN06.
  11. S. Moussaoui, C. Carteret, A. Mohammad-Djafari, O. Caspary, D. Brie and B. Humbert, Approche bayésienne pour l'analyse de mélanges en Spectroscopie, To appear in J. de Chimie, October 2003.
  12. S. Moussaoui, D. Brie, A. Mohammad-Djafari and C. Carteret, Separation of Non-negative Mixture of Non-negative Sources using a Bayesian Approach and MCMC Sampling, accepted IEEE Trans. Signal Processing, July 2004.
  13. O. Féron and A. Moha