MaxEnt 2010 Final Programs

Tutorial session

Chaired by A. Mohammad-Djafari

  1. Information Physics: The New Frontier
    Kevin M. Knuth
    [video] [slide] [paper]

  2. Entropic Inference
    Ariel Caticha
    [video] [slide] [paper]

  3. High Up from the Ground: A Panoramic View of Inference and MaxEnt
    Carlos Rodriguez
    [video] [slide]

  4. Foundations of Computational Inference
    John Skilling
    [video] [slide] [paper]

  5. Bayesian programming: principle, methodology, tools and examples
    Pierre Bessière
    [video] [slide]

Oral session 1- General methods and models

Chaired by A. Mohammad-Djafari and J.-F. Bercher

  1. Model selection for MR studies of stroke,
    John Lee, Larry Bretthorst, Colin Derdeyn, Joshua Shimony
    [video] [slide]

  2. Quantum theory as inductive inference,
    Ryszard Pawel Kostecki

  3. Maximum Entropy For Automatic Content Scoring of Free-Text Responses,
    Jana Sukkarieh
    [slide] [paper]

  4. Darwinian Model Building,
    Do Kester, Romke Bontokoe
    [slide] [paper]

Oral session 2- Bayesian models of sensory motor systems

Chaired by John Skilling

  1. Bayesian inference with spikes. Implication for the neural code, sensory processing and working memory,
    Sophie Deneve
    [video] [slide]

  2. Bayesian Action-Perception loop modeling: Application to trajectory generation and recognition using internal motor simulation,
    Estelle Gilet, Julien Diard, Richard Palluel-Germain, Pierre Bessière
    [video] [slide] [paper]

  3. Bayesian Modeling of an Human MMORPG Player,
    Gabriel Synnaeve, Pierre Bessière
    [video] [slide] [paper]

  4. Bayesian Visual Odometry,
    Julian Center, Kevin Knuth
    [video] [slide] [paper]

  5. Maximum entropy perception-action space: a Bayesian model of eye movement selection,
    Francis Colas, Pierre Bessière, Benoît Girard
    [video] [slide] [paper]

Poster session 1: Foundations [video1] [video2]

Chaired by K. Knuth/ L. Lemmens / D. Johnson

  1. Adaptive Strategies in the Iterated Exchange Problem,
    Arthur Baraov [paper]

  2. Finding Proper Non-informative Priors for Regression Coefficients,
    Noel van Erp, Pieter van Gelder [paper]

  3. The Ball is Round
    Do Kester [paper]

  4. The order-theoretic origin of special relativity,
    Kevin Knuth, Newshaw Bahrenyi [paper]

  5. Non-relativistic Gravity in Entropic Quantum Dynamics,
    David Johnson, Ariel Caticha [paper]

Oral session 3- Algorithms for Maximum Entropy and Bayesian computation

Chaired by Dawn Holmes / Pierre Bessière

  1. Advice on “Computational methods for Bayesian model choice",
    John Skilling
    [video] [slide] [paper]

  2. Self-Adaptive Semantic Crossover for Genetic Programming,
    Julio Stern, Rafael Inhasz
    [video] [slide] [paper]

  3. Entropy-Based Search Algorithm for Experimental Design,
    N. K. Malakar, K. H. Knuth
    [video] [slide] [paper]

  4. Nested Sampling with Constrained Hamiltonian Monte Carlo,
    Michael Betancourt
    [video] [slide] [paper]

Oral session 4- Information theory and statistical physics

Chaired by J.-F. Bercher / C. Rodriguez

  1. Information theory of quantum systems with some hydrogenic applications,
    Jesus Sanchez-Dehesa, D. Manzano, P. Sánchez-Moreno, R.J. Yáñez
    [video] [slide] [paper]

  2. On moments-based Heisenberg inequalities,
    Steeve Zozor, Mariela Portesi, Pablo Sanchez-Moreno, Jesus Dehesa
    [video] [slide] [paper]

  3. Rigorous bounds for Renyi entropies of spherically symmetric potentials,
    Pablo Sanchez-Moreno, Steeve Zozor, Jesus Dehesa
    [video] [slide] [paper]

  4. Entropic time,
    Ariel Caticha
    [video] [slide] [paper]

  5. On q-gaussians, escort distributions and Fisher information,
    Jean-François Bercher
    [video] [slide] [paper]

Poster session 2: Applications [video2] [video3]

Chaired by Ken Sauer / J. Skilling / A. Jalobeanu / D.B. Pougaza

  1. Non-extensive radiobiology,
    Oscar Sotolongo-Grau, Daniel Rodriguez-Perez, Carlos Antoranz, Oscar Sotolongo-Costa [paper]

  2. Superresolution of a compact neutron spectrometer at energies relevant for fusion diagnostics,
    Marcel Reginatto, Andreas Zimbal [paper]

  3. On combined estimation of expected backgrounds with statistical and systematic uncertainties in planned experiment,
    Sergey Bityukov, Nikolai Krasnikov, Vera Smirnova [paper]

  4. Towards a Bayesian seismotectonic zoning for use in Probabilistic Seismic Hazard Assessment (PSHA),
    Boris Le Goff, Delphine Fitzenz, Céline Beauval

  5. GNU MCSim: Bayesian Statistical Inference for System Biology Models,
    Rudy Gunawan, Frederic Bois [paper]

  6. Application of a Bayesian Inference Method to Reconstruct Short-Range Atmospheric Dispersion Events,
    Inanc Senocak [paper]

  7. A Bayesian approach to Fourier Synthesis inverse problem with application in SAR imaging,
    Sha Zhu, Ali Mohammad-Djafari [paper]

  8. Signals and Images Foreground/Background Joint Estimation and Separation,
    Boujemaa Ait-El-Fquih, Ali Mohammad-Djafari [paper]

  9. Online robot dead reckoning localization using maximum relative entropy optimization with model constraints,
    Renaldas Urniezius [paper]

Oral session 4- Bayesian algorithms for multi-channel image analysis

Chaired by N. Dobigeon / I. Smith

  1. Three-dimensional visualization and identification of objects in photon starved scenes using statistical estimation,
    Bahram Javidi, Dipak Dey, M. Cho, M. Jung
    [video] [slide] [paper]

  2. Bayesian fusion of hyperspectral astronomical images,
    André Jalobeanu, Matthieu Petremand, Christophe Collet
    [video] [slide] [paper]

  3. Unmixing hyperspectral images using Markov random fields,
    Olivier Eches, Nicolas Dobigeon, Jean-Yves Tourneret, .
    [video] [slide] [paper]

  4. An Investigation of Likelihoods and Priors for Bayesian Endmember Estimation,
    Alina Zare, Paul Gader
    [video] [slide] [paper]

  5. Multichannel SAR Image Classification by Finite Mixtures, Copula Theory and Markov Random Fields,
    Vladimir A. Krylov, Gabriele Moser, Sebastiano B. Serpico, Josiane Zerubia
    [video] [slide] [paper]

Oral session 5: Non parametric methods and experimental design

Chaired by E. Mazer / A. van de Ven

  1. Maximum Entropies Copulas,
    Doriano-Boris Pougaza, Ali Mohammad-Djafari
    [video] [slide] [paper]

  2. Digital Particle image velocimetry using splines in tension,
    Udo von Toussaint, Silvio Gori
    [video] [slide] [paper]

  3. Confidence distributions in statistical inference,
    Sergey Bityukov, Nikolai Krasnikov, Saralees Nadaraja, Vera Smirnova
    [video] [slide] [paper]

Oral session 6: Bayesian and maximum entropy inference in action: applications

Chaired by B. Javidi / H. Von Toussaint

  1. The use of bayesian programming in industrial applications,
    Emmanuel Mazer
    [video] [slide]

  2. Parameter Estimation as a Problem in Statistical Thermodynamics,
    Keith Earle, David Schneider
    [video] [slide] [paper]

  3. Reinforcement Learning by Relative Entropy Policy Search,
    Jan Peters, Katharina Muelling, Yevgeny Seldin, Yasemin Altun
    [video] [slide] [paper]

  4. Bayesian Techniques for Parameter Inference and Knowledge Fusion in Prognostics and Health Management A Case Study,
    Masoud Rabiei, Mohammad Modarres, Ali Mohammad-Djafari
    [video] [slide] [paper]

  5. ID image characterization by entropic biometric decomposition,
    Smoaca Andreea, Coltuc Daniela, Fournel Thierry
    [video] [slide] [paper]

Poster session 3: Methods and Algorithms [video3] [video4]

Chaired by J. Stern/ K. Sauer / Ayasso

  1. The Posterior distribution of the Likelihood Ratio as a measure of evidence,
    Isabelle Smith, André Ferrari [paper]

  2. Speed-gradient principle for description of transient dynamics in systems obeying maximum entropy principle,
    Alexander Fradkov, Anton Krivtsov [paper]

  3. Generalized maximum entropy principle, superstatistics and problem of networks classification,
    Bahruz Gadjiev [paper]

  4. Comparative analysis of collaboration networks,
    Tatiana Progulova, Bahruz Gadjiev [paper]

  5. A Method for Evaluating Tuning Functions of Single Neurons based on Mutual Information Maximization,
    Lukas Brostek, Thomas Eggert, Seiji Ono, Michael J. Mustari, Ulrich Büttner, Stefan Glasauer [paper]

  6. Gaussian Process Segmentation of Co-Moving Animals,
    Steven Reece, Richard Mann, Iead Rezek, Stephen Roberts [paper]

Oral session 7: Foundations

Chaired by A. Garrett

  1. Logarithm ubiquity in statistics, information, acoustics, ...,
    Michel Maurin
    [video] [slide] [paper]

Oral session 8: Markovian Processes

Chaired by S. Zozor

  1. Spectral Design in Markov Random Fields,
    Jiao Wang, Jean-Baptiste Thibault, Zhou Yu, Ken Sauer, Charles Bouman
    [video] [slide] [paper]

  2. On Burg entropy of wide Markov chains,
    Valérie Girardin
    [video] [slide] [paper]

Oral session 8: Information geometry and information theory

Chaired by V. Girardin

  1. Geometric and Topological Invariants of the Hypothesis Space,
    Carlos Rodriguez
    [video] [slide] [paper]

  2. Geometry of Covariance Matrices and Computation of Median,
    Le Yang, Marc Arnaudon, Frédéric Barbaresco
    [video] [slide] [paper]

Final discussions [video]

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